Faculty & Staff

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Phone: 573-334-6281
Fax: 573-334-1557
Guidance Phone: 573-519-0653  / Guidance Fax: 573-334-1411    
Crosnoe, Rex crosnoer@capetigers.com Principal
Rhinehart, Sandra rhineharts@capetigers.com Assistant Principal
Rothenberger, Marlene rothenbergerm@capetigers.com Administrative Assistant
Ennis, Susan enniss@capetigers.com Administrative Assistant
Ralls, Christie rallsc@capetigers.com Guidance Registrar
Adams, Keith adamsk@capetigers.com Teacher Assistant
Adeoye, Aaron adeoyea@capetigers.com Mentor
Anderson, Taylor  andersont@capetigers.com Teacher Assistant
Andrews, Cantrell  andrewsc@capetigers.com Mentor
Arkorful, Kweku  arkorfulk@capetigers.com Mentor
Belcher, Gary belcherg@capetigers.com Music Teacher
Bohnert, Karen bohnertk@capetigers.com Teacher Assistant
Bradshaw, Brooks bradshawb1@capetigers.com 6th Grade Teacher
Bradshaw, Eric bradshaww@capetigers.com 6th Grade Teacher
Branch, Kyleigh branchkr@capetigers.com 5th Grade Teacher
Brown, Stephanie browns@capetigers.com 6th Grade Teacher
Brown, Travis brownt@capetigers.com 5th Grade Teacher
Campbell, Morgan birchfieldm@capetigers.com Teacher Assistant
Deven, Kaitlyn devenk@capetigers.com 6th Grade Teacher
Doran, Ashton dorana@capetigers.com SPED Teacher
Drury, MacKenzie drurym@capetigers.com 5th Grade Teacher
Dugan, Amanda dugana@capetigers.com 6th Grade Teacher
Ellinghouse, Carrie ellinghousec@capetigers.com SPED Teacher
Evans, Carrie evansc@capetigers.com Art Teacher
Faulstich, Natalie faulstichn@capetigers.com Computer Lab Teacher
Graviett, Angie gravietta@capetigers.com Psychological Examiner
Haubold, Heather lippsh@capetigers.com SPED Teacher
Hecht, Jennifer hechtj@capetigers.com 5th Grade Bridge Teacher
Henry, Chastidy* henryc@capetigers.com ELL Teacher
Holbrooks, Bridgett* holbrooksb@capetigers.com Hearing Impaired Specialist
Jean, Wyky  jeanw@capetigers.com Mentor
Keith, Kyle keithk@capetigers.com SPED Teacher
Kern, Julie kernj@capetigers.com Teacher Assistant
Kimmel, Colleen  kimmelc@capetigers.com Teacher Assistant
Kincade, Kelly kincadek@capetigers.com ISS Class
Kinder, Melissa kinderm@capetigers.com Counselor
King, Bertha kingb@capetigers.com Library Media Assistant
Lieser, Justin lieserj@capetigers.com ICU / PE Teacher
McAlister, Sharee mcalisters@capetigers.com 5th Grade Teacher
McGuire, Tim mcguiret@capetigers.com PE Teacher
Newell, Hannah newellh@capetigers.com SPED Teacher
Nugent, Heather nugenth@capetigers.com 5th Grade Teacher
O'Connell Jillian* oconnellj@capetigers.com Speech Teacher
Overbeck, Rhonda* overbeckr@capetigers.com Speech Teacher
Parker, Jennifer parkerj@capetigers.com 6th Grade Teacher
Pearson, Toni pearsona@capetigers.com Parent Liaison
Pind, Janel pindj@capetigers.com SPED Teacher
Radake, Ashley radakea@capetigers.com 5th Grade Teacher
Randol, Nancy  randoln@capetigers.com Teacher Assistant
Riley, Kimberly rileyk@capetigers.com 5th Grade Teacher
Schroeder, Jennifer schroederj@capetigers.com 5th Grade Teacher
Sostillio, Jessica sostillioj@capetigers.com 6th Grade Teacher
Stevens, Jennifer #1 stevensj@capetigers.com 6th Grade Teacher
Stevens, Jennifer #2 stevensj1@capetigers.com 6th Grade Teacher
Twiggs, Brodrick twiggsb@capetigers.com Bridge Teacher Assistant
Valleroy, Diana valleroyd@capetigers.com Explorer Program Teacher
Wagner, Laurel wagnerl@capetigers.com 6th Grade Teacher
Wigfall, Janet wigfallj@capetigers.com 5th Grade Bridge Teacher
Wilson, Jennifer wilsonjm@capetigers.com Librarian
Wischmann, Melissa wischmannm@capetigers.com 5th Grade Teacher
Wright, Rebeka wrightr@capetigers.com Counselor
Zweigart, Amanda dennisa@capetigers.com 5th Grade Teacher
New Teacher    5th Grade Teacher 
New Teacher   5th Grade Teacher
New Teacher     6th Grade Teacher  
New Teacher   6th Grade Teacher   
New Teacher     6th Grade Teacher   
New Teacher     SPED Teacher 
 * Shared staff
Our amazing Cafe Crew! 
  Shannon Barrett, Manager Cheryl Cook Lorri Erlbacher
 Darla Luhring Martha Miller Paula Stoops
Dana Wright Cassie Woodward  
 Our fantabulous Custodial Team!
Marilyn Meisenheimer Debra Morse Melissa Sayles
Jason Stovall, Head Amanda Webb  

Cape Girardeau Central Middle School - 1900 Thilenius, Cape Girardeau, MO 63701 - 573-334-6281