Dress Code

2019-2020 Dress Code
Student Dress Code Guidelines for Middle School Students 
● Clothing should promote decency and modesty appropriate for a learning environment. 
● The district prohibits any clothing that may disrupt or distract from the learning environment. 
● Clothing shall be within one size of proper fit. 
● Head coverings may not be worn in the building 
● All pants/bottoms must fit to waist and be hemmed. 
○ No holes and tears in pants that allow skin to show 
○ Shorts, skirts, dresses, jumpers, and skorts must be no shorter than two inches above the knee 
○ Leggings may be worn with an overlapping shirt, including when arms are raised 
● Crew-neck T-shirts, collared shirts, turtleneck shirts, and V-neck (with undershirt) must be proper length and fit 
● Boots and sandals may be worn, socks and tennis shoes should be worn on days the students have physical education classes. 
● Prohibited: 
○ House shoes, high heels, skates or platform shoes. 
○ Tank tops, spaghetti strap shirts, visible undergarments, and pajamas 
(Update 08/8/2019)