ICU: Where every student completes every assignment, EVERY DAY!

What is ICU? ICU stands for Intensive Care Unit, just like in a hospital. ICU is an academic support system for students and communication tool for teachers and parents. It is built around a school-wide electronic database that tracks missing assignments. All students completing all assignments is the foundation of this program. Students learn quickly that if they have one missing or poor quality assignment, their grade is sick and needs attention.

Students with missing or poor quality assignments have their names placed on an ICU list that can be viewed by all staff members. Students are asked by a variety of staff members: "Who do you owe an assignment?" "What do you owe?" "What do you need to complete the assignment?" "How can I help?" Staff members re-teach content material and provide students with extra assistance to complete their work before school, during ICU, after school, and if needed, on Saturdays. Names are removed from the ICU list when assignments are completed and quality work has been achieved.

It is crucial that parents, teachers, and administrators are all on the same page and convey the message that “Every student will complete every assignment every day,” and at the highest quality level each individual child can achieve.

If your child’s name is placed on the ICU List:

  • Your child will be given an opportunity to complete the assignment on his/her own time or during his/her ICU period.

  • If the work remains unfinished, additional arrangements may become necessary for your child to complete the assignment

  • Additional arrangements include during lunch/recess, before school,or  after school.

We look forward to helping your child master the academic content they need to be prepared for post-secondary endeavors.