Dress Code

General Information

Clothing should promote decency and modesty appropriate for a learning environment.

The district prohibits any clothing that promotes disruptive behavior.

Undergarments should not be visible.

Shirts/Tops Permitted

Crew-neck T-shirts, collared shirts, and turtleneck shirts.

Dresses with sleeves and a collar or high crew neck. If designed to button at the neck, no more than the top button shall be unfastened.

Vests, sweaters, V-neck sweaters, sweatshirts, pullovers, coats, jackets, and hoodies (must have an approved shirt underneath).

Please note: Shirts, designed to button at the neck, shall have no more than the top button unfastened.

Shirts/Tops and Pants/Bottoms must overlap or be tucked in at all times, including when arms are raised.

White tops must have either a white undershirt or white or flesh-colored undergarments.

Hoods on clothing may not be worn over the head in the building.


V-neck, sheer/mesh/see-through, skin-tight, sleeveless, or excessively large tops. Pants/Bottoms


Pants, shorts, skirts, dresses, jumpers and skorts (must be no shorter than two inches above the top of the knee)

Please note: All bottoms must fit to the waist and be hemmed.


Shiny, leather or leather-like material, sagging pants, pajama pants, sheer/see-through and over-length styles.

Holes, tears or mesh in pants showing skin must be no higher than two inches above the top of the knee.

Accessories Prohibited

House shoes, high heels, skates or platform shoes.

Hats, caps, sock hats, curlers, stockings, bandanas, head scarves, visors, hoods, wave caps, du-rags or other similar head coverings that cover more than 50% of the head.

Spiked accessories or chains (including those attached to wallets or belt loops)